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Baad parka camouflage ( Dead cell Parka )

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Parka technique multi poche tissu imperméable


UGS 036895-1 Catégorie

Product Description

Baad parka army collection 2017/18 These French CCE Parkas were designed for the French Foreign Legion, so they run large to accommodate the larger framed Foreign Legion soldiers. . Performance – The French M.V.P. material used to make this jacket performs to military standards for water resistance, breathability, and warmth. There are two hip pockets and two hidden pockets to cut down on the chances for leaks in the jacket. All of the seams are taped and the hood stows perfectly. If you are in an extreme cold environment you can zip the jacket up to provide mouth and nose coverage. Simply put there is no jacket that out performs this one. Style – This jacket has a very sleek stylish look to it that is distinctively European. When you wear this jacket you will have people tell you it looks really great and will want to know where you got it. We wore a few samples out to test them and every time we had someone want to know where to buy it. It is cut well, and the French CCE pattern is very appropriate for the woods or the streets. Camo clothing is making a huge comeback fashion wise, and this jacket is extremely popular right now in Europe and Japan. This isn’t a regular infantry soldiers jacket. These are standard issue to the French Foreign Legion which is known around the world as an elite military organization. Governments do not like elite troops uniforms and gear to be sold to the public, so this jacket is sure to become a collectible once our supplies are gone. Custom /print by Atelier Babylon France (68)

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Poids 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 40 cm

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